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The IV Edition: According To GodzG

by Braille




GodzG is back with continuing his "According To GodzG" remix series with his take on Braille's (of Humble Beast) four album "The IV Edition" With his unique style and gritty, rawness GodzG's take give this album a whole new feel.


released 26 September 2014

This album is dedicated to my brother and friend Praverb The Wyse aka Earl Patrick McNease

Rest in peace my brother



all rights reserved


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GodzG Tamworth, UK

Young producer from a small town in England expressing himself thru the art form of music.

His goal, to bless and help people thru music and to help others do the same.

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Track Name: Beautiful Humanity
I get down like this on a platter of wax
Manufacture my heart and that’s a matter of fact
My grammar and mannerisms, confuse man's wisdom
For the humans in oppression, I’m here to stand with them
Vision for the cataract, counterattack
Fall down, I bounce back, HOLLA, I holla back
Start it like this son, they can’t shine like this one
Lyrics in my head and I’m about to spit some
Mission impossible, I’m missing my father now
He passed away, I could have said "Why even bother now?"
Lose my integrity, let the music get watered down
You know my steez, you know the foundation of the sound
I’m working harder than ever on this endeavor
He died from high blood pressure, I don’t got a vendetta
I dedicate this to the process of life or death
Walking through the valley of the shadows, taking righteous steps
West coast native, listening to Native Tongues
I stay away from drugs and I don’t play with guns
I keep it safe like I stole a base
The Ricky Henderson, learned a lesson from the greats
I wanna make it to the hall of fame without an asterisk
Leave behind a legacy for generations after this
I saw the news and heard about the tragedies
Traveled the world and saw beautiful humanity
Different cultures and nationalities
I love the variety, you be you and I’ll be me
We need more U-N-I-T....why
Does racism still exist, stop walking blindly
We need more mercy and more forgiveness
I don’t just talk this, I live this
You can visit the west side and witness
You can turn on my album and listen
Track Name: Submission Hold
Submission hold
Submission hold
We break the mold
You can’t hold us down

The truth hurts, my frequencies leave bruises, play this in your Cadillac or PT Cruisers, I’m doing it, hard to the core, from the heart, and when I spark a rhyme it’s sort of hard to ignore, I know you're loving it when Braille brings the ruggedness, more sick then throwing up in a cup and chugging it, the poor and rich fight with swords and fists, I got my torch lit walking through the dark abyss, the struggle is hard, so we hustle and plot, try to find easy money then your bubble gets popped, it’s like we got minimal options, friends turn criminal often, street heroes lost and forgotten, that’s when we hit rock bottom, this place is not Sodom or Gomorrah, but living here is torture, when you're trapped in submission, and try to get freedom from the world system, it’s non-existent

Submission hold
Submission hold
We break the mold
You can’t hold us down

I’m holding it down for my fam and friends, spread around food for thought until the famine ends, some assume I was born with a silver spoon, it’s not true, I just do what I gotta do to push through, self-employed and self-motivated, but I won’t give the glory to myself for how far I made it, or what I overcome, lyrics flow from my lungs and I spit them over drums, living in America like J.B., R.I.P., and I’m knocking out the enemy like this is Rocky IV, aAfter Ivan Drago killed Apollo Creed, with no apology so now it’s all on me, and I don’t battle with the flesh and blood, but when it comes to my own flesh and blood, don’t press your luck, I let God settle the score on behalf of me, turn the other cheek and submit to His majesty
Track Name: Calculated Risk ft. Mr. J Medeiros & Manchild
(Mr. J Medeiros and manCHILD lyrics currently not available)

Do the mathematics, algebra and calculus, I counted the cost, accounted for the counterfeit, when I encountered it, stood my ground and the coward quit, cause he’s powerless, so many challenges exist, calculate the catalyst, cause and effect, from catastrophic events, we gotta catapult past it, cast away doubt, it returns sevenfold, tell them "get out", this is my temple, my house, take control of your body, reject the venom, yo their bugging out, better grab the insect repellent, my rebellion, rocking the bells from Belgium, to Bella Bella to Boston and back to Bellingham, the mailman playing my role, no more John Stockton, I’m Karl Malone, slamming it home on microphones, I’m in the zone, lyrics and poems, flow through my chromosomes and penetrate domes, I wanna rock right now, come on, I wanna rock right now, it’s been a long road driven by purpose, and I know, I know, I know that it’s worth it, I wanna rock right now, come on, I wanna rock right now, I added it up and I counted the cost, I understand the risk, I’m gonna carry my cross, do it like this, do it like this, before you make your move, do it like this, do it like this, before you make a move, calculate the risk
Track Name: The IV
Lyricism don’t sell no more, that’s what they say but I just ignore it, I won’t forfeit, I push forward, the fourth record, this is a force to be reckoned with, I’m like a wrecking ball tearing down the wall, kick open the door when I step to the bass drum, passion in my lungs, spit till my face is numb, worldwide, but I’ll never forget where I came from, I’m going long-distance with short circuits, I’ll leave behind more money for more purpose, have you ever heard an emcee like this? I tell it how I see it like an eyewitness, then I broadcast all the true facts, 12 years in the game, walking a narrow path, climbing uphill, this is dedication, constant elevation, bringing the medication

You didn’t know you could be the IV did you? The solution to the social issues is you, it’s me too, if you have the ability to respond, then it’s your responsibility, excuses are useless, the truth is it takes more than music to bring forth improvement to this, jungles of concrete, the streets are John Blaze, the beats rotate on plates, I speak faith, over the most hopeless circumstances, advance with perseverance and stay focused, take notice, the tapes rolling, smile for the camera, high caliber, mark your calendar

Revolutionary lyricism, flowing poetic, the dialect you’d expect from my genetic inheritance, confidence and arrogance are opposites, I’m offering concoctions of hotness, rescue the hostage, hostile with hot styles in piles and piles, travel many miles to arrive right here, and survive through the torture and treachery, I battle principalities with spiritual weaponry, my technique, pose threats like four techs, I blow sets, explosive, I’m on deck, it’s code red, I touch your brain through your forehead with forceps, squeeze minds instead of triggers, I’m on a mission, fully automatic, with phonographic static, opponents mad at it, take them out like bad habits, savage on tracks with milliliters of spit that blast faster than gats or millimeters with clips, you feel the beat when it hits cause Marco Polo did it, my only limit is the flesh but my soul's infinite, eternal life and internal peace, I was infected with sin but I found the IV
Track Name: Main Squeeze
Everything’s gonna be alright, ask Alicia, my girl is a queen like Latifah, nice to meet ya, I’m not a creeper, so if I dance in your radius I’m not trying to freak ya, I don’t live single, I mingle with the ring on, tied the knot in 02’ until infinity beyond, I’m light years ahead of you player, I don’t play games, I won’t take back my words like it’s my last name, innocent until proven, word to Chief Wiggum, call my raps Sugar Smacks and all ya’ll Dig Em’, the track gets composed on the MP, nobody seeing this, who's on the boards, check the fingerprints, 88 keys drop the 808 bass, cause it's 2008 and I got something to say, hey rappers, hey, hey, hey, hey, judgment day, BAD NEWS

Are you my main squeeze?
Are you my main squeeze?
Are you my main squeeze?
Are you my main squeeze?

I wanna squeeze you, I wanna hold you tight, that’s what I want to do, I’m not a drinking man, I’m more like a thinking man, I think out loud they say, “Boy watch your mouth!”, yo man if you got something to say, let it out, don’t hold your breath, it’s like hey, the world should know this and also take notice that I’m not afraid to get on stage and share emotions, the more I put in it the harder I rock, and the harder I rock the harder they jock, radio disk jockeys on their high horses, whipping the listeners, keep running the same tracks, the playlist is more like a paylist, but my songs are on from DJs who only play favorites

I wanna squeeze you, I wanna hold you tight, that's what I want to do
Track Name: Remember Your Path
Keep it simple, I try to do that, but when I keep it simple it sounds like something's lacking, so I go back and listen to the track and do a few subtractions, grab my pad and pen, write a new line, add it in, hmmmmm, I can’t say that again, I already rhymed this word with that word, so this time I gotta find a new way to flip it, is it that serious? I don’t know, but I’m not trying to kick a bunch of freestyle flows, I’m trying to grow as an artist, charisma and swagger, catch you off guard, I don’t look like a rapper, take my picture, I’m not trying to look hard, I never been behind bars or tagged train yards with a marker or spray can in hand, I’m an emcee y'all, I am who I am

Microphone check, one two, what is this, it’s friends vs. business and friends come first, I never thought this music would be lucrative, I didn’t know if I was stupid or intuitive, crazy, a little bit but maybe he’s brilliant, drawing the blueprint to build this as a little kid, when I was 15 hip hop was a dream, nobody voted for me to be the prom king or class president, I was a west coast resident, moved to the east, hip hop was more prevalent, living in New Jersey my junior year, high school drop-out, my future's unclear, Timberland boots yo, I couldn’t play ball, I was at the record store, never catch me at the mall, saving lunch money to buy fresh cassettes, that’s why I stayed hungry to make the next step

No more nonsense, I’m taking rappers hostage, sit them in seminars, teach them how to prosper, throw away money on cars and jewelry, whips and chains, that’s appropriate slang, we become slaves to the idiosyncrasies of rap songs that they play on the radio frequencies, we all desire a higher position, selfish ambition, it’s a critical condition, you're not giving yourself a chance, like jumping out a plane wearing parachute pants, it’s all the right words with the wrong emphasis, ignorance attacks, we become our own nemesis, I tell it how it is, remember how it was? When I started rapping I did it for the love, no matter where you're from, wherever you're at, and wherever you go, yo, remember your path
Track Name: Constantly Growing ft. Speech, Surreal and Sojourn
(Speech lyrics currently not available)

The tent that we live in is for rent, not owned
It withers away then one day it’s gone
But inside we thrive, we advance, we sprout
We constantly grow, our souls abound

What up my people? We break it down to the soil, it all started with a seed, and that includes me, every thought, every action, every seed bearing fruit, everything that we see, growing simultaneously with spontaneity, celebrated moments and forgotten memories leaving a legacy, negative and positive, good and evil, wrong and right, perfect vision and lost eyesight, we see it in hindsight after we fall behind, learning from mistakes as our heart gets refined, the design of mankind, clay in the Creator's hand, connected to the vine, understand who made the man before the man made mandates, the man-maker had a plan greater to save us from the sin nature, grim reaper, we dig deeper than physical features, individual students and teachers, the garden of our hearts, reaping a harvest from what was planted, sowing seeds and taking chances, no time for standing still, life moves on, the cycle continues, the greatest change of your life will happen within you

(Sojourn lyrics currently not available)
Track Name: Blessed Man
It’s like a dream come true, a sneak preview of the grand finale, I get a taste of heaven, it’s like milk and honey, I was blessed with love before I had money, the things I love most, you can’t take from me, I hold them close, the Most High and my family, I might never get fortune and fame, I’m always gonna say I’ve been a fortunate man

And when they ask who I am, I will stand up and say I’m a blessed man
And when they ask where I’m at, it doesn’t matter, I’m with you, I’m a blessed man
And when they ask why, I will point to the sky, I’m a blessed man
Yeah, yes man I’m a blessed man
Yes man I’m a blessed man

We walked through the park holding hands, and I’m thinking to myself I’m a blessed man, you’re so beautiful the words escape me, like the day I watched you give birth to our baby, you illuminate when I’m in a dark place, bless my heart with a smile on your face, I'ma say it, my wife is hot, so it don’t matter how much ice I got, I put a ring on her finger, leave it at that, if it wasn’t for her I wouldn’t be where I’m at, if it wasn’t for God maybe we never would have met, but He brought us together so there’s no question we’re blessed, I don’t write many love songs, I’m sorry girl, the truth is I never hear beats worthy of it, but when the glove fits I let the world know, I’m married to an angel and plan to stay faithful

As I sit back reflecting, I recognize that my life’s been protected, I had friends get murdered, I could have been there, friends committed suicide, I could have went there, depression, my life could have ended, I could have took a flight on September 11th, life is fragile, we take it for granted, I’m thankful for the life I was handed, Christ stretched out His arms on the cross, offered me freedom at a tremendous cost, I can’t accept the gift without repentance, I talk to God with expectancy, He said "Ask for anything in the name of My Son, if it’s My will then it will be done", I’m not praying for material possessions, being close to God is the greatest blessing
Track Name: Many Stories ft. Barry Hampton
I have to be deliberate when I deliver this, the words are on the tip of my tongue, lips quivering, it’s not cold outside but my body is shivering, and the skin that I’m in is shaken deep to the core, I’m pacing the floor like I have a nervous habit, and I’m an anxious person but that’s not the reason why, it hurts to be a husband, seeing your wife cry, concerned for her emotions while I’m tripping over mine, holding my baby during the first day of her life, doctors come into the room saying something isn’t right, they couldn’t tell us why so they started running tests at the ICU with wires connected to her head, the imagery was intense, we just kept on praying, trying to stay calm, but in my mind it was mayhem, we faced it as a family, never alone, and I was smiling when we got to bring our baby girl home

If I could tell you all my stories
Then you would realize in yours it’s not over
I’ve been through so many battles
And I almost lost myself, but now I’m back
Now I’m back again

I was in Portland writing this song, then I got a call that something was wrong, it never crossed my mind that you might be gone, cause you were so young and your will was so strong, on my way to the hospital, I was driving slow, didn’t really think it was your time to go, when I arrived, I was calm, asking what happened, they said after the cat scan I can chat with the chaplain, and he’s telling me you had a major stroke, a vessel in your brain stem suddenly broke, took me to your bed, now it’s just me and you, father and son in the emergency room, I said a few words, you couldn’t even speak, the only reason you're breathing is from a machine, I’m always gonna miss you, but God gave me peace, letting go of regrets, holding on to the memories

If I could tell you all of my stories
I’m sure you have many of your own
Track Name: Raise the Dead ft. Poems of la Symphony
How can we raise the dead when
They’ve been gone so long, PLEASE
Bring them back to life
Is it possible to do that?
Zombies in the streets
Their needs have been ignored
Screaming can’t you hear this?
Raise the dead spirits

In the destitute land, we cry for revolution but don’t execute the plan, our people get executed instead, the land of the living dead, pop shots aimed at their head, lost ones, young sons who got guns, they pull it out, make them shout when trouble comes, nobody knows where he got it from, but when it blows he’s got us on the run, the block is scared, living in fear, total paranoia, he takes steroids and the boy is a destroyer, bullets fly, inflicting his first victim, he said he would kill a second in a millisecond, woot woot, red and blue lights flashing, cops harassing potential assassins, mamas cry, these kids don’t listen well, one in the grave and one in the prison cell

(Poems lyrics currently not available)
Track Name: Double Dose
You were on top for a while, now where the money at? Your manager dipped out yo, where Money at? The radio ain’t playing your singles, now your broke at the casino, playing your singles, one dollar, and tried to gamble with dice, cause you want to be a star but can’t handle the mic, you owe a lot of money, got jumped by a gang, lost all your friends so you jumped in a gang, you wanna be down, but you need to stop playing, Homie's a clown, around the way they call him Damon Wayans, Saturday Night performing live, but the crowd don’t show cause you got no show, on stage all along with a C-DJ, but we came in the place trying to see DJ's, better get some turntables in here, before I get mad and start turning tables in here, testing one two, microphone check, I get paid to rock a show, that’s a microphone check, don’t take me serious, it’s mostly a joke, beats and rhymes, I hit them with a double dose

Don’t worry, I’m done with the double rhyme cadence, now I’m in the kitchen cooking humble pie, “That’s my favorite!”, I got a slice ready for ya, you can never have enough, trust me it’s good for ya, when egos get out of control we gotta check them, pride leads to the fall, gotta watch where your stepping, I make a lot of mistakes and aim for perfection, headed for destruction but changed my direction
Track Name: Counter Attack ft. Theory Hazit and DJ Idull
Yo dawg listen, I manhandle the rhythm, if the beat was a man, this is cannibalism, raw animalistic, hard core ballistic, I rip it like this cause the world is so sick and twisted, sadistic sickness, inflicted infliction, dangerous addiction, drugs with no prescription, love is missing, lust is living in us, dirty needles inject our veins till they bust, self-destruction splitting your own wig back, temptation delivered in Trojan horse gift wrap, don’t open it, evil spirits approach us, to exterminate us all just like roaches, I was born in the city of roses, with the tame and ferocious, righteous and atrocious, I wrote this to say the world is not hopeless, fight back, counter attack and stay focused

(Theory Hazit lyrics currently not available)

Counter attack with the melody, love all your enemies, this is the remedy
Counter attack or fall back, fight fire with water, put the fire out
Track Name: Mental Guards (Snitch Blade)
I’m going, I’m going, I’m gone and I’m not coming back
I think I’m losing my mind this time, this time I’m losing my mind
And they say that I’ve lost it, mentally exhausted, a time bomb walking, proceed with caution, don’t push me,
I’m close to the edge, trying not to lose my head

And we gotta keep on, da da da daAnd we gotta push on, da da da da
And we gotta move on, da da da da
For the rest of our lives

I’m walking the plank and they’re throwing me overboard, throwing me overboard, blown out of proportion

Holding down the fortress, attention span, divided into portions, call it a deficit, like the government debt, when nothing is said, the moment is tense, so you know what they're thinking, you can’t cover my eyes with those fabrics of imagination, but diseases in the blankets that keep me warm, taking advantage of my trust, but guess what, I don’t trust you no more


And they say that I’ve totally lost it, I’m at the courthouse totally exhausted, they tried to press charges, said I was worse the Charles Manson, called the prison guards in, holding me down, the crowd screams “Guilty!”, yelling loud to convince the jury, examine the evidence, it’s obvious I’m innocent, this is unjustified punishment, my friend walked in just in time, I thought you were on my side, but now he’s telling lies, the whole world is against me, I know who all of you are, I saw the dirt that you’ve done, crooked cop shot a man with a gun, that prostitute slept with the preacher's son, what were you doing Saturday night? Where were you on the night of the crime?, yeah, now the finger's pointing at you, now you're nervous, not sure what to do, and that’s why you blame me, cause your ashamed of yourself and it’s a shame to see, we all fall far from grace, praying that God won’t recognize our face, the wages of sin is death, God already knows, snitch, hold your breath

Track Name: Get It Right ft. Ragen Fykes
How I wonder why I utter
Words so ugly, hear me stutter
If my mother heard me now
She might slap me, save me now
I’m a mad man in a dark room
Playing the piano, it’s my heart's tune
And I want you so bad
I said I want you so bad

You’re no good, I’m no good either, you showed me the dark side, I followed the leader, losing my patience, try to gain composure, I can see the storm coming like my name's Noah, can’t say I didn’t warn you, who warned us? What are we supposed to do when the storm's us? Where are we supposed to run to? What can I say? I don’t even know who I’m talking to, looking in the mirror I see unfamiliar shadows, looking in the galaxy I feel so shallow, my heart, like a black hole, wicked and deceitful, trying to do good, surrounded by evil
This time I will get it right, now’s the time for me to step into the light
The light is so beautiful, I close my eyes,
I’ve been burned before, it happened many times,
I can be my own worst enemy or I can blame You for tempting me, I got good and bad tendencies, tenacious and habitual, with bad habits and rituals, worthy of ridicule, I got no excuses, I’m pitiful, I get stressed over miniscule little nothings, just a drop in the bucket, I see a way out but I’m so reluctant, it’s time to swallow my pride, it’s time to get my life right

All these thoughts, they drive me crazy
Some of them are now escaping
There’s a spider in my head
And I’m afraid to go to bed
I’m a mad man and I’ve lost it
Won’t You please help me find it?
Cause I need You so bad
Oh yes I need You so bad, You’re so good
Your mercy is so good
Your blood, it covers me
It sounds a little dark
I’m walking in the light
Track Name: Restless
Ain’t getting no sleep no more
Ain’t getting no sleep no more
I’m restless
I got a lot to do and I’m restless, yo check this

I got a checklist of things to do and I’m stressing out cause all my bills are due, I got less money in my bank account than the amount that I owe, so my checks will bounce, if I write them out that’s a bondage, I don’t want this to stand in the way of my focus, I stay zoning with deep concentration, late night, suffering from sleep deprivation, I don’t got five pairs of Nike Airs, I only got one car, me and my wife share, I’m in the studio, my daughter is upstairs, walking in the kitchen or sitting in the high chair, I put food on the table, she wears a bib, sleeps in our bed instead of the crib, people get surprised when they visit my crib, like “Yo, I didn’t know you were living like this", I got a nice house, but don’t get it twisted, when I was growing up I wasn’t a rich kid, I try to be wise, make good investments, so little time, and that’s why I’m restless

I rap with tactics to pass to the masses, a message of hope and peace that surpasses understanding when I’m standing under rain clouds with warnings of lightning and thunder, no umbrella, so this young fella gonna have to get wet and run for shelter, oh well, I can get mad and upset or I can propel like fuel for a jet, I got tools in my box and I use what I got to build on the lot with the building blocks, and I’m building a lot, living on the block and they say that the streets are like a stumbling block, that’s why we stumble a lot, running from the cops, hustling rocks and glocks, busting shots, no wonder we’re lukewarm instead of being hot, getting caught trying to be something that we’re not, and I’m not convinced that I simply exist to stand back and watch, I’d rather uplift, it’s hard to sleep with all this in front of me, it’s hard to work and only think about the money, so much to consider when I stand and deliver, and I figure I could help if I see the bigger picture, it’s worth it to me, I’m willing to work for free, knowing God is willing to work through me